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Gold Pan Pottery

Handmade Pottery Mug - Grizzly Bear

Handmade Pottery Mug - Grizzly Bear

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Crafted with precision and passion, this mug is a testament to the beauty of nature and the artistry of handmade craftsmanship.

One side of the mug features a breathtaking image of a grizzly bear, rendered with lifelike detail and a sense of strength and grace. This iconic symbol of the wild evokes a sense of adventure and reverence for the natural world, inviting you to connect with the untamed spirit of the wilderness with every sip.

On the opposite side, a deep sapphire blue glaze creates a sense of calm and serenity, like the endless expanse of a clear night sky. This rich hue adds a touch of sophistication and depth to the mug, elevating its visual appeal and creating a striking contrast with the bear motif.

Approximate Capacity and Dimensions:

16 Fluid Ounces

10.5 cm x 9 cm

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