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Gold Pan Pottery

Natural white butterfly print handmade pottery mug with blue rim

Natural white butterfly print handmade pottery mug with blue rim

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This mug's surface is adorned with a delicate and intricate floral and butterfly motif, creating a tactile masterpiece that captures the essence of the outdoors. The embossed design comes to life under a clear glaze, showcasing every detail with precision. The transparency of the clear glaze not only highlights the depth of the embossed print but also allows the natural bright white of the clay to shine through.

The base glaze, acting like a crystal-clear window, provides a canvas for the detailed artistry, turning each sip into a moment of appreciation for the craftsmanship involved. It's a celebration of the union between the artistic imagination and the raw beauty of the clay itself.

To add a burst of color and energy, the rim of the mug has been dipped in a vibrant blue glaze. This bold and playful touch not only complements the elegant, embossed design but also adds a pop of personality, making this mug a unique and joyful companion to your daily beverage of choice.

Approximate capacity and dimensions:

  • 16 fluid ounces (473 ml)
  • 12 cm x 8 cm
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