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Gold Pan Pottery

Introductory Pottery Lessons (Full Course)

Introductory Pottery Lessons (Full Course)

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Introductory Pottery Lesson 

Learn the art of pottery making in our private and personalized introductory pottery lessons. Each lesson is limited to 1 or 2 students to ensure you receive focused one-on-one attention from our experienced instructor. With 10 hours of instruction time, our course covers the entire pottery making process from clay theory to glazing your finished pieces.

Sessions are best completed in 2 hour blocks and can be scheduled to fit your schedule.

Come explore your creative side and discover the joy of pottery making with us.

All supplies, equipment and materials are included. Students should expect to be able to take home several finished ceramic pots at the completion of their course. 

This course includes the following instruction: 

* Clay theory and preparation - clay types, firing methods, shrinkage rates, moisture content, safety, best practices and wedging.
* Pottery wheel use - safe operation, centering, coning up and coning down techniques, opening of the clay, pulling techniques and removal from the wheel.
* Trimming and decorating - techniques for trimming foot rings and surface decorations, application of underglaze, carving and other forms of decoration.
* Handle making - selection of handle styles, creation of handles using multiple methods and best practices for attaching.
* Kiln use and glazing - preparation for bisque firing, selection of glazes (brush on vs dip), best practices, safety, colour combinations and application methods.

After making your online purchase, use the "Contact us" form to set up your first lesson date and time.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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