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Gold Pan Pottery

Handmade Pottery Travel Tumbler - Blue & Teal

Handmade Pottery Travel Tumbler - Blue & Teal

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Introducing our Handcrafted Pottery Travel Tumbler, where artistic elegance meets functionality for your daily adventures. Each piece is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship, featuring a mesmerizing teal base glaze that effortlessly transitions into a captivating blue sapphire on the upper third.

Embracing texture as its hallmark, this tumbler delights with a distinctive wave pattern adorning the lower portion, evoking a sense of tranquility with every touch. The upper section is adorned with delicate rings of small circles, adding a subtle yet mesmerizing visual appeal to this exquisite piece of functional art.

For the modern explorer seeking convenience without compromising style, this tumbler is accompanied by the Porta Via brand lid. Precision-engineered, this lid creates an impeccable seal, safeguarding against spills during your journeys and ensuring your beverage retains its warmth for longer durations.

Experience the seamless blend of artistic flair and practical design with our handmade pottery tumbler. Whether it's your morning commute or an outdoor escapade, let this tumbler be your trusted companion, elevating your moments with its unique aesthetics and reliable functionality.


Approximate capacity and dimensions:

  • 21 fluid ounces (621 ml)
  • 15.5 cm x 8 cm


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