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Gold Pan Pottery

Handmade Bee Pottery Mug

Handmade Bee Pottery Mug

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Introducing our charming 18 fluid ounce Pottery Bee Mug –  This exquisite mug is adorned with intricate images of bees gracefully wrapped around its surface, making it a true work of art that will brighten your every sip.

Key Features:

  1. Generous Capacity: With an impressive 18 fluid ounce capacity, this mug is perfect for your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or a comforting cup of hot cocoa. Enjoy your favorite beverages in ample style.

  2. High-Quality Pottery: Made from premium, durable pottery, this mug is designed to stand the test of time. Its substantial weight and sturdy handle provide a comfortable grip for your drinking pleasure.

  3. Microwave and Dishwasher Safe: Practicality meets convenience. You can safely warm your drinks in the microwave, and cleanup is a breeze with its dishwasher-safe design.

  4. Perfect Gift: This pottery bee mug makes for a thoughtful and heartwarming gift. Whether for a nature enthusiast, a coffee lover, or anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, it's a present that's sure to create lasting memories.

Start your day with a buzz of energy, and let the bees inspire you to appreciate the small wonders all around. Order your very own Pottery Bee Mug today and elevate your sipping experience.

Approximate capacity and dimensions:

  • 18 ounces (532 ml)
  • 9.5 cm x 9 cm


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